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Why Leaf Tonic?

Our food and environment play a major role in our health.  That's why at Leaf Tonic, we focus on creating high quality, pure, effective, environmentally friendly products to nourish every body.

How We Grow
We work with small farms that share the same vision as Leaf Tonic. The farms we source have high standards when it comes to growing food.  They practice sustainable farming and harvesting so there's no harm to be done to our environment.

The entire growing process is not treated with any pesticide, herbicide, or fungicide. We believe food should be grown like it used to before man-made products were invented.

Why does being truly natural means?
It's difficult for our body to heal itself when we are constantly surrounded by chemicals, smog and toxins.  Herbs and a healthy diet together can support our immune system to speed recovery.  

At Leaf Tonic, our quality criteria for natural food is significantly beyond conventional standards.  We source only from the purist ingredients for our products to maximize the support for your health. Our supplements and teas are pure, without additives or fillers.  Our capsules are vegan, gluten free, soy free, and Non GMO. 

Your health and our environment matter to us.  We source the highest quality materials, from farming to production. Our products are packaged in amber glass containers to retain freshness and longevity of the herbs.  Glass is also more friendly to our environment than plastic bottles. Our cotton stuffer inside the bottle is 100% organic.

We Trade Fairly
We believe in trading fairly with everyone involved through the process of farming and production.  Small farmers should gain more respect and improved quality of life.