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Meet the Gynura Farm
Your Health Is Our Priority

  • We focus on creating high quality, pure, and environmentally friendly products to nourish every body
  • To protect our environment, we work with small farms that practice sustainable farming and harvesting. 
  • We believe in trading fairly with everyone involved through the process of farming and production.

The Leaf Tonic Story

Gynura procumbens is a vegetable my family has been growing for as long as I could remember.  My first taste of Gynura was in a bowl of steamy, hot soup my mother served. The leaves were so green I could taste the garden.      

When I was growing up, doctors' clinics were like my second home because doing common things such as enjoying a breeze, or playing in the pool could put me back in bed for days.

One morning while I was catching a bit of sun, I picked a leaf to chew, and this changed my life.  I felt the sudden energy rising inside so I decided to keep eating. Shortly after, my nose stopped running, and I stopped squeezing!  I was filled with joy, eager to find out more about this plant.  

When my father was diagnosed with Prediabetes, I suggested he should add Gynura in his diet.  After consuming Gynura and reducing his carbohydrate intake, his doctor congratulated him because his blood sugar was back to normal.   

After my father's success with Gynura, we began sharing the plant with our friends.  One friend after another would thank us for helping them restore their health.  

Although there's many success stories related to Gynura, no single plant can offer all the nutrition our bodies need. Variety is the spice of life, and greens add the spark to your life.


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